Art is a journey to the realization of my thoughts..
Initially started with painting, my "inner drive" goes more and more out to the sculptural work.

Looking for the power of the three-dimensional and a dialogue between painting and sculpture.

My sculptures are made of stone, bronze and ceramics. Recently I have started to work with plastics, such as Expoxy and Casting Resin.

The combinations of ceramics with metals or glass and wood form  a unique artwork.

My paintings are made in oil- and acrylic paint, brought on with brush, sponge or palette knife.

I take the challenge to transform the figurative of the statues to a more abstractive painting with the same or contrasting emotions, and to integrate paiting and statues to a unique entirety.

Humanity and emotions are the basis of my arts.
The woman figures symbolize the fragility of it's existence; Searching, waiting, pondering, provocative, submissive, submissively, anxious and mysterious.

The couples are a reflection of conflicting emotions in human relations.

Each work is a representation of my search for the essence of  human being, people's thoughts and emotions, for meaning of existence and life questions.
My final art works are created by using intuitive several materials, shapes and colours.

I would like to invite you to take a look at my art works:

Francien Heussen
Visiting my atelier in The Netherlands is possible after making an appointment.